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A Very Long Story, Made Short And To The Point...

On March 23rd, 2003 during a qualifying race for Round 2 of the Western 4-Stroke Nationals in Adelanto, Ca

Michael Stanton, AMA Western 4-Stroke National #17 went down on a muddy corner. While he was down on

the track the foot peg of a passing racer struck Michael in the helmet, resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury.

He was airlifted unconscious to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Trauma Unit in Colton, Ca. Upon his arrival

his head injury was evaluated and a short time later his immediate family were informed that he was in a coma

and rated at a very low 4 on the Glasgow Coma Scale. For the first 72 hours we did not even know if Michael

would survive the injury. But being the fighter that he is, Michael did survive it. He remained in a vegetative

state for almost 5 long months before he could begin his recovery and rehab to overcome this devastating injury.

His recovery has been long and costly with many ups and downs. Thankfully he is improving every day. His family

and his friends are very hopeful for a FULL recovery and have faith in Michael’s strength, drive and determination.




A fund account to assist Michael with medical and other expenses relating to this tragic accident has been set up by the

family. If you would like to be a part of this assistance fund, contribution checks with the account #04465-01222 on

them, made out to The Michael Stanton Fund can be mailed to:


The Michael Stanton Fund

201 Commercial St.

Nevada City, CA 95959

Account # 04465-01222


Below are updates on Michael’s condition and progress sent in from family & friends that have visited him:

Most recent news is posted on this page, the very beginning starts at the bottom of the LAST page!

If you would like to start from the very beginning, Click Here and read from the bottom entry on up.


*Anyone that goes to visit Michael and wants to post an update here about it,

Please put Michael's name in the subject line and send it to CHLNGHER@msn.com
I will post it as quickly as possible. WE NEED MORE UPDATES FROM OTHERS!!!*

Updates And Pictures…


Subject: Michael and the Goats

Date: 1/08/2007

From: Chrissy


Here are some pictures of Michael with a few of my goats. The two baby goats

(Sparkle and Twinkle) he is holding are just a day and a half old. He has the shit

eating grin on his face in the last pic is because he was teasing the Momma Goats

with some grain. BRAT!! One of them ended up in his lap HAHA! Michael loves it out

here, there is always something soft and furry to hold or pet. When we were kids

growing up, we always had animals, and the expressions and smiles on Michael’s

face whenever he interacts with animals now are always priceless. Pet therapy is

also priceless J


Subject: Meeting Michael

Date: 12/02/2006

From: Bob Wyatt


                                   Meeting Michael Stanton

I had the opportunity to meet Michael when I was hired by Theresa to help
retrofit their home to handicap accessible. I worked there for a couple of

months and met Michael for the second time (I knew his dad and met

Michael once briefly prior to the accident).

My first impression was that he didn't know what was going on, or if I was
there or not. I WAS WRONG!! Michael is quite a young man! What I learned

is that he is aware of his surroundings and is trying very hard to regain all
the basic functional and communication skills we all take for granted. But
his mind is functioning very well!  He, like all of us, has a great sense of
humor, excellent perception as to what’s happening in the moment, and quickly
learned how to "bust my chops"(give me a hard time). He also can get angry
and frustrated just like the rest of us.

In the time I spent in Michael's new home, I saw the ups and downs of his
daily life and the challenges that both he and Theresa faced.

My life has been forever changed by Michael! He is such an inspiration,
working so hard to recover the daily skills he once had, and at the same
time has the ability to make me laugh! THAT'S AMAZING! Theresa is

amazing too. She will help Michael to return, I have no doubt.

If you are reading this, chances are you are a friend of Michael's and you
had the pleasure of knowing him before the accident. If that's the case then
I encourage you to contact him. Go see him! His recovery is taking time but
you WILL see the Michael you knew before!

There was a great deal of improvement in his condition in just the brief
time that I had the pleasure to be around him.

Michael absolutely lights up when an old friend comes to visit. It's amazing
to watch! In my opinion NOW is the most important time in his recovery for

friends to visit.

This guy is a fighter that can be inspirational to all that spend time with
him! I will never take life for granted again. And I will never forget him!
Go see him. He may change your life too! But more importantly: You can
change his!!!!!!!

I miss him.
Bob Wyatt


Subject: Update

Date: Thanksgiving, 2006

From: Theresa



Thanksgiving, 2006, (3 yrs., 8 mos. post injury and start of the path to recovery)



Michael’s MOM here.  Well, Everybody, I’m actually writing an update that I have intended to do for……

ever.  It’s that I have JUST a little on my plate. (Actually, I have a turkey platter and it floweth over!) 

I was recently so generously given a computer from my good friends Vivian and Bill, and hope to get it set

up and online soon so that I can do regular updates.  Life has settled down somewhat since the turbulent

days of my divorce and a lot of you who have stayed connected over the past two years know what hell

that was for both Michael and me.      

So much for that…….


Michael is awesome and wonderful and funny and IS CONTINUING TO IMPROVE DAILY!!!!!  I could (and

probably will) write a book about his journey back.  I have to say that the friends and family that visit him

make a HUGE difference in his progress and I wish each of you would write in with an update after each

encounter with Michael, to let everybody know what they are missing out on!!!!!!


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here at Chrissy’s and the pictures show Michael on her quad for the first

time.  She’s had it for well over a year and we’ve been wanting to get him on it, hoping to have at least one of

his motocross buddies to help us, but we finally decided to take on the challenge by ourselves.  You can see by

the pictures, it was a success!  This weekend, Michael’s holistic practitioner/hands-on healer/good friend,

Bucky, spent a lot of time with Michael.  I credit Bucky with much of the progress Michael has made once we

came home to Grass Valley.  Together, they have conquered so much and became close friends forever. 

Thank you, Bucky.


We have a wonderful, supportive, caring family as neighbors that we are also truly thankful for, as well as the

precious family members who have been here for us since Day One, (especially CHRISSY!!!!!)


We have much to be thankful for this year and hope all of you that are part of this know that we are grateful

for you too (and you all know who you are.)  To the ones who have been here for us in any way, shape or form,





Theresa and Michael



Subject: Pics of Michael On The 4Wheeler, We Finally Got Him On it!

Date: Thanksgiving Weekend, ‘06




Subject: Pic Of Michael, Mom and Mike Heth Visiting At Clear Lake

Date: Early Fall Of ‘06




Subject: Lack of Updates

Date: Summer of ‘06


Well it's been way over a year since the last update was posted here. A lot of you are wondering why,

a few of you know why. Mom and Michael have gone thru a very difficult and stressful time this past

year (with minimal support), and they have relocated away from Grass Valley. Not many come around

or call anymore, and to be blatantly honest, I flat out feel it's just too easy for everyone to use this

page for info on Michael rather than come by, pick up the phone, or even send a card. (By the way he

JUST had a Birthday). Contrary to what you all might think, Michael NEEDS interaction with his friends

and to be able to talk and laugh about memories and good times of his past, and he can only get that from

visits, phone calls and letters or cards from all of YOU. This webpage that was keeping everyone up to date

on how he is doing without them in his life has basically been of no benefit to him, so it seems pointless to

put time and energy into it any more. He has had a little on and off contact from a handful of his friends

from the motocross life he used to lead, but sadly he has not seen or heard from most of you since his head

injury almost 3 1/2 years ago, yes it was OVER 3 YEARS AGO. I know this is harsh, and I apologize to the

handful of you that HAVE made and effort to make a difference in Michael's life (and you ALL know who

you are - Thanks you guys!), but if the rest of you only knew how frustrating, upsetting and depressing the

lack of contact really is to us and to Michael. My Mom made a great point the other day, she said that when

Michael's friends come to visit it's great for him, but also for her, because there is a little bit of the old

Michael in each one of you. Yah, what a concept.


I'm posting a few pics of him that were taken over the last year, but if you want any update details, you will

need to call or come visit Michael and see for yourself from now on. Email me at CHLNGHER@msn.com and I

will give you the phone number to contact my Mom and Michael and she can give you directions to get there

if you need them.





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